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This page contains 6 pictures of Sinclair QL accessories.

ql-pic8.jpg [29K]
Miracle Systems TrumpCard, which is extra RAM and also floppy-interface.

ql-pic9.jpg [9K]
Metacomco "C", a ROM cartridge (extra ROM which holds 48K).

ql-pic10.jpg [29K]
Tandata Qconnect (serial interface for the QL)
There was also 2 other units, Qmodem and another. They could be
stacked, sometimes called the black stack.

ql-pic11.jpg [38K]
Qconnect. Ser2 port.

ql-pic12.jpg [38K]
Qconnect. Power input, and RS232 output, for example to a modem or printer.

ql-pic13.jpg [35K]
Qconnect. Label underneath...

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