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This page contains 8 pictures of the Sinclair ZX80 and accessories.
Sinclair Research, headed by Sir Clive Sinclair, started manufacture of
the ZX80 in 1980, it was the first mass-produced computer at an affordable
price. It had 1 Kbyte RAM, which also held the screen memory.

zx80-1.jpg [32K]
ZX80, and extra 16 Kbyte RAM pack which came later.

zx80-2.jpg [47K]
ZX80 with top taken off.

zx80-3.jpg [37K]
Keyboard part.

zx80-4.jpg [22K]
Label underneath computer.

zx80-5.jpg [21K]
Underside towards Mic/Earphone plugs.

zx80-6.jpg [20K]
Seen from left: MICrophone output, EARphone input, DV 9 volt input. In the
middle is the UHF converter (where the TV connects to), and to the right is
the expansion port.

zx80u-1.jpg [32K]
16Kbyte RAM pack for the ZX80, also works on the ZX81. This end goes towards the computer.

zx80u-2.jpg [22K]
RAM pack, seen from the back.

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