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This page contains 8 pictures of the Sinclair ZX81 and accessories.
The ZX81 had 1 Kbyte RAM, which also held the screen memory.

zx81-1.jpg [31K]
ZX81, and a game tape cassette.
(Microphone, Earphone + TV plugs are on the left side, not shown here).

zx81-2.jpg [47K]
ZX81 keyboard part.

zx81-3.jpg [16K]
The expansion port at the back.

zx81u-1.jpg [28K]
Multiface One, an accessory for the ZX81 made by Romantic Robot.

zx81u-2.jpg [35K]
Multiface One, it had a through-port, so this is it seen from the back.

zx81u-3.jpg [25K]
It also had a serial port (or was it a joystick port?)...

zx81u-4.jpg [37K]
This is a "Contact lens" making it easier to use the keyboard (?), it has
never left its package.

zx81u-5.jpg [23K]
A games tape cassette, "3D Defender".

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