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Mail from kind people...

[Below are e-mail I have received from people that have seen my "What the world" -page on the web]

Date: 22 Sep 1999   [particulars withheld pending approval]

Thanks so much!

I was searching this song for 13 years!!!

[name withheld]



Date: 06 Feb 2000   [particulars withheld pending approval]

Dear reader,
some time ago I was listening to the radio and I heard the song: What
the world needs now. The words struck me and the music stayed in my
mind. I tryed our local music shops but they didn't know if this song is
still available. I phoned the Motown sales representatives in Holland and
they couldn't give me any information about the record. I also searched
the internet for a MP3 sample of this song but it seems not available. I
hope you can give me significant information about this beautiful song.

Thanks in advance

Date: 14 Feb 2000
From: Mark-Antonio Grant <>

I don't know who you are but I must say that I truly do appreciate your
putting Tom Clay's album on the web.
I loved that song, "What the world needs now...", from the moment I
first heard it when I was a sophomore in high school. When I was in
college at [name of school withheld], I played it during my show on
[name withheld]. Despite the fact that there was heavy interest in Jim Morrison,
Flo N Eddy, Billy Joel and Bruce, I always got positive responses and
requests for that record to be played. I always felt a very strong
connection to that selection and affection for the spirit that put it


Mark-Antonio Grant



Date: 16 Feb 2000
From: Martin Glenn Blount <>

I've been searching desperately for a copy of "What The World Needs
Now". Is it available anywhere for purchase. I first heard the song
when I was fourteen years old and it had a profound affect on me.
I would appreciate any info you might have.

Date: 17 Feb 2000
From: Jeff LeClair <>

Hi, I have been searching for several years for a copy of the record or a
dubbing on a tape for the Tom Clay versin of Abraham, Martin, and John.
I remember the song as a teenager in Jr. High. I have searched hundreds of
compilations and have yet to find it anywhere. I would really appreciate
a reply with any information on how or who I may contact to somehow 
obtain some kind of copy of this recording.

Thank you very much. 

Jeff LeClair



Date: 05 May 2000
From: Jeffrey Markuten [mail address withheld]

Thank you so much!

I just left your Appreciations page and it was as if I had written each of
those e-mails I read myself. Each one mirrored my sentiments exactly. When I
was just about ten years old I used to lay on our kitchen floor and listen
to this wonderful song over and over all winter long.

Now, I'm not sure if it's entirely the song or the warm memories of that
simpler time in my life, but I have been dedicated to finding any
information I could about this song for at least the past ten years. All I
was able to come up with from a program manager of an oldies station in
Atlanta, Georgia was the: title, artists, and label.

Sincerely, Jeffrey Markuten

Date: 20 Jun 2000   [particulars withheld pending approval]

Tom Clay's 'What the World Needs Now...' is available on the
recently reissued budget-price various artists CD
Tamla Motown Big Hits and Hard-to-find Classics Vol.2 (no other details at
present, but it is probably a European release). I remember it being played
on BBC Radio 1 by the British DJ Johnnie Walker, and it has stuck with me
ever since, though I only found out more about it from your web page.



Date: 10 Mar 2001
From: Keith Cash [mail address withheld]

Thank you for your appreciation page of Tom Clay.

I went to television production classes with Tom in '84/'85 at Los Angeles
City College, where we called him "The Voice". We learned peace and humility
from him and shared many laughs.

In reading your tribute to Tom, something struck me powerfully. By using
only a razor blade, a reel to reel tape, great music and his voice, Tom
Clay's "What the World Needs Now is Love" helped the world look at its
conscience. He agressively forced us to see that we were on the brink of
loosing our great spark of humanity. Then he gave hope that we could could
turn things around. Everyone I know remembers the song and smiles when they
think of it. He used his powers well.

Tom's song and life has inspired me to live a life that shines a reflection
of his love and compassion. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one. Maybe
together we CAN change the world.

I had no idea of all of his accomplishments until I read your page. He was
not one to brag.

As I scrolled desperately to find his e-mail address, I learned of his death.
The world and my heart will miss him dearly. Thank you so much for honoring
Tom with such a wonderful page.

He deserves it.

Thank you again,
Keith Cash

Date: 30 Jan 2002
From: Tuan Vu [mail address withheld]


I stumbled on your web page ( when I looked for
the song "What the World Needs Now Is Love". I am very happy to know there is 
another person who likes Tom Clay's record, much much more than I do.

I came to the US in 1975. I didn't speak much English back then. One day I 
went to Rink's (a discount chain) to buy records, for I just got a used record
player at the Salvation Army.

I didn't know who Tom Clay was, but I bought his record just because it was 
the cheapest among all the records on sale. If I remember it right, the price
was about a dollar. It turned out to be a rare find. The more I listened to it,
the more I liked it, so much so that I went back to the store and bought two
more records and sent them to my friends.

Over the years, I lost the record and couldn't even remember that Tom Clay was
the one who put it all together. I only remember a few songs from the record.
I tried to get it on CD, but I didn't know where to begin until I saw your web
page. Listening to this record will bring me a lot of good memories.

Thanks for taking the efforts to transcribe the songs.

Tuan Vu



Date: 12 May 2003
From: Grard van de Nieuwegiessen [mail address withheld]

On the 11 of September I heard the song of Tom Clay for the first time. I
was driving home from Amsterdam to Utrecht and was in a shock. A vew hours
before my drive home I saw the WTC collapsing live on TV.
When a political person was shot on the 6 of May 2002 I heard that song
Do you know where I can get that song? So I can relife the emotion again
that I had the first time I heard the song "What the world needs now" -
Tom Clay.

With many thanks,

Grard van de Nieuwegiessen

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Information added 04 Jun 2001: "What the world..." is included on a new CD, Tamla Motown Big Hits and Hard to Find Classics Vol.2

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