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This is my QL page! (a Quantum Leap in computing)

This page aims to link to several QL related sites. One good to start with is: Thierry Godefroy's QL web site

Dilvyn Jones' QL site

Tony Firshman (TF Services)

Jochen Merz Software

RWAP Software

One of many QL-emulators for PC: Venema's QLAY site

Much info on QL: http://directory.mozilla.org/Computers/Systems/Sinclair/QL     and more: http://www.Dunbar.cwc.net/qdos/qdos.html

View some of my old pictures of Spectrum and QL screen shots: Pictures!      Rather old QL files: ...files!...
Photographs of Sinclair QL computer, mdv, and ROM cartridge: QL photos
Details and info on old micro-computers: The Obsolete Computer Museum
Or read 25,000 messages about Sinclair computers 1989-2001

Views and tips: my contact page