Written 141207, published on the web 141209

A timely observation.

The passage of time is measured by clocks, or chronometers, all dependent on physical
processes. It is these processes that define its speed. Time goes slower the greater
the gravity, identical clocks move at different speeds at sea level compared with up on
a high mountain (faster), or even on the moon (even faster). The clock on the moon would
have gone even faster if the moon stood still, but since it (the moon) moves through three
dimensional space more than the earth does, this slows down time somewhat slightly. But
the time difference between the clocks in this example are very small, nearly unmeasureable.

At large distances it is even more evident that time is not absolute. An ordinary spiral
galaxy consists of stars and other bodies of matter placed in two gravitationally straight
arms in opposite directions away from the mass center. But seen from its side it is clear
how gravity like all other forces is limited by the upper speed limit in the universe,
namely the speed of light. In galaxies with thick bars nearest to their mass center the bar
stretching out is almost straight, but when the mass is thinned out the spiral shape
increases noticeably. This is due to time moving slower in strong gravitational fields
which is the case near the mass center. Farther out from the center time is moving at a
greater pace and the effects of the gravitational pull is delayed due to this thus
making the arms spirallier.

Galaxies are also exceptional because the outer objects (i.e. stars) take the same time
to orbit the galaxy center as do objects close to the center. Galaxies do not obey common
Newtonian rules of gravity, but their own plane selves.

And all of this would be unbeknownst to us were it not for the moment in time before the
Big Bang. There the entity of our universe was without time due to its great mass, and so
by an unbalance which caused time hitherto unmoven to pass ever so slightly, a causal event
was formed that released time into the free.