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Prisoner   /   Kvinnofängelset

Prisoner theme sung by Lynne Hamilton:
Download full version: prisoner.wav (2.3 Mbytes)
theme.zip (1.3 Mbytes zipped)

Full text

"He used to bring me roses
I wish he could again,
but that was on the outside
and things were different then.

On the inside the sun still shines
and the rain falls down,
but the sun and rain are prisoners too
when morning comes around.

Last night I dreamed we were together
sharing all the love we've known,
'til I had to face the nightmare
of waking up alone.

On the inside the roses grow
they don't mind the stony ground,
but the roses here are prisoners too
when morning comes around."

This page is dedicated to the Australian series Prisoner, shown on Swedish TV4 from 1994 onwards.

A total of 692  45-minute episodes were made from 1979-1986.


Here are a few links:

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