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03:04  ABC Vic  Anglican Archbishop describes Essendon saga as 'crazy' as debate continues on Andrew Thorburn's resignation  (Vic) #abcvic
03:00  SVD  Åtal väckt mot bombman i Västerås   #svd
03:00  Guar world  Pakistani PM says he should not have to beg for help after catastrophic floods  (world) #guarworld
02:59  Nw55 TT  Åtal väckt mot bombman i Västerås   #news55tt
02:59  Guar world  Russia-Ukraine war latest: what we know on day 225 of the invasion  (world) #guarworld
02:57  Nw55 TT  Ryska drönare i anfall utanför Kiev   #news55tt
02:57  SVD  Ryska drönare i anfall utanför Kiev   #svd
02:48  Expr  ”Distinkt möjlighet att Ukraina återtar Krim”   #exprnyh
02:44  RNZ NZ  Man accused of hit-and-run killing former child star can now be named  (N.Z.) #rnznz
02:43  ABC  Footage released of Josh Cavallo coming out to A-League teammates  (Australia) #abcmisc
02:39  BBC  Scottish fossil revealed to be pterodactyl ancestor   #bbc
02:37  BBC UK  Bisexuality more visible but 'work to do' on safety  (UK) #bbcuk
02:37  ABC NSW  NSW Parliamentary Inquiry hears submissions about hospital wait times  (NSW) #abcnsw
02:37  RTE news  Fianna Fáil set to re-admit outspoken TD Marc MacSharry  (news) #rtenews
02:36  Guar world  Former Uber security chief found guilty of concealing data breach  (world) #guarworld
02:35  BBC  Universities told to reach out to stop suicides   #bbc
02:34  ToI  India top sugar producer again, also the 2nd-largest exporter   #timesofindia
02:34  ABC ACT  Sussan Ley criticises Labor government over uncertainty of stage three tax cuts  (ACT) #abcact
02:33  BBC  Union urges UK nurses to strike for first time   #bbc
02:30  SCMP Asia  ‘Hereditary politics’: Japan’s Kishida accused of nepotism for appointing son as executive secretary  (Asia) #scmpasia
02:30  SCMP HK  SF Reit, spun off by owner of ‘China’s FedEx’, won’t achieve goal of doubling assets to US$1.5 billion as interest rates soar  (Hong Kong) #scmphk
02:26  RNZ world  Sydney set to smash rainfall records as Australia braces for more floods  (world) #rnzw
02:25  NRK nyh  Frykter kollaps i Afghanistans økonomi  (nyheter) #nrknyh
02:25  ABC Qld  Star Entertainment Group unsuitable to hold casino licence in Queensland, Attorney-General finds  (Qld) #abcqld
02:23  BBC  HIV: How 175 British children were infected with disease   #bbc
02:22  Fr24  Traore officially appointed as president of Burkina Faso after coup   #fr24
02:21  ToI  Eyeing national stage, TRS turns Bharat Rashtra Samithi   #timesofindia
02:15  SCMP HK  How healthcare and policy reform can help increasingly elderly Hong Kong age gracefully  (Hong Kong) #scmphk
02:09  ABC  Superyacht linked to sanctioned Russian on sale for $45 million  (Australia) #abcmisc
02:08  ABC  Brittany Higgins cries as court views footage of her arriving at Parliament House with Bruce Lehrmann  (Australia) #abcmisc
02:07  BBC  Hans Niemann: Chess player accused of cheating 'not backing down'   #bbc
02:07  SR  Skolflickor driver protesterna framåt – ger den högste ledaren fingret   #sr
02:06  NRK nyh  Kvinne overfalt og voldtatt i Oslo sentrum  (nyheter) #nrknyh
02:06  ABC ACT  Brittany Higgins told police she took pregnancy test after alleged rape  (ACT) #abcact
02:03  DW  North Korea fires two more missiles towards Sea of Japan   #dw
02:02  DW  Hurricane Ian: Biden and DeSantis put politics aside for Florida cleanup   #dw
02:01  ToI  AIIMS made with your vote’s power: PM Modi in HP   #timesofindia
02:00  SVTP  Sjaunja - livet i väglöst land - Avsnitt 1   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Vårt undervattensäventyr - 7. Valens gap   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Draknästet - Avsnitt 5   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Katastrofen Hindenburg - 1. Himlens Titanic   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Retrobutiken - 6. Trampbilar och utombordsmotorer   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Gift vid första ögonkastet USA - 6. En dag klar - en livstid kvar   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Uppdrag granskning - Kravgårdarna   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Skam - 8. Skolans största förlorare   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SCMP China  Chinese investment in Russia’s resource-rich Far East is growing, but Western sanctions are clouding the outlook  (China) #scmpmainland
02:00  SCMP HK  Cancer scare in food tests: ‘we just present facts’, Hong Kong watchdog Consumer Council says  (Hong Kong) #scmphk
01:56  AB  Vårdanställd åtalas för medicinstölder   #ab.
01:56  Nw55 alla  Vårdanställd åtalas för medicinstölder   #news55alla
01:48  ABC Vic  Outer Western Melbourne commuting pain  (Vic) #abcvic
01:47  Bild  Entlassung aus Abschiebehaft  - Fake-Erbin Anna Sorokin kommt frei!   #bild
01:46  ABC  'It inspires people with a disability to give sport a go': Netball's Marie Little Shield returns after pandemic hiatus  (Australia) #abcmisc
01:44  ABC Vic  Essendon Football Club CEO resigns  (Vic) #abcvic
01:41  ToI  Uddhav, Shinde accuse each other at Dussehra rallies   #timesofindia
01:40  ABC SA  The moment Adelaide United player Josh Cavallo came out as gay  (SA) #abcsa
01:40  ABC NSW  Economist alleges ASIC only investigates tiny proportion of complaints  (NSW) #abcnsw
01:40  RTE eire  State agency CEOs to meet to discuss the future of work  (Ireland) #rteireland
01:40  BBC Asia  Apple iPhone: Can India be China’s ‘plus one’ to the world?  (Asia) #bbcasia
01:38  RNZ NZ  Mayors call for urgent safety measures after fatal crashes south of Hamilton  (N.Z.) #rnznz
01:35  BBC  The farmers caught up in Taiwan's tensions with China   #bbc
01:32  BBC tech  Space, the unseen frontier in the war in Ukraine  (technology) #bbctech
01:31  AB  Lula får stöd av motståndare   #ab.
01:31  Nw55 TT  Lula får stöd av motståndare   #news55tt
01:31  SVD  Lula får stöd av motståndare   #svd
01:31  ABC NSW  Teena McQueen celebrates 'leftie' Liberals losing seats at election  (NSW) #abcnsw
01:30  CBC  Sask. former leader of Canadian Nationalist Party found guilty of hate speech against Jewish people  (Canada) #cbccan
01:29  BBC UK  Will UK royals follow the Danish downsizing?  (UK) #bbcuk
01:28  BBC Afric  The terrors of Kenya’s school arson epidemic  (Africa) #bbcafr
01:25  BBC ent  Ukraine designers fight back at Paris Fashion Week  (entertainment) #bbcent
01:24  BBC  The generations of Iranian women fighting for freedom   #bbc
01:24  NRK nyh  Juntaleder innsatt som president i Burkina Faso  (nyheter) #nrknyh
01:24  ABC Qld  Car fire in Brisbane's south linked to Oxley shooting, police hail 'major step forward' in investigation  (Qld) #abcqld
01:23  Fr24  Alec Baldwin reaches settlement with slain 'Rust' cinematographer's family   #fr24
01:19  ToI  45 Indians trapped in fake job rackets in Myanmar rescued   #timesofindia
01:19  Nw55 TT  Fitch sänker brittisk prognos   #news55tt
01:19  SVD  Fitch sänker brittisk prognos   #svd
01:19  Guar world  US court ruling leaves over 600,000 children of immigrants in jeopardy  (world) #guarworld
01:17  BBC  Lebanon financial crisis: The people robbing banks to get their own money   #bbc
01:16  BBC NAmer  Fat Bear Week: Race is on for Alaska's bulkiest grizzly  (US/Canada) #bbcuscan
01:09  DW  EU could be heading towards gas price cap ahead of key summit   #dw
01:08  RNZ NZ  Auckland police investigate series of burglaries  (N.Z.) #rnznz
01:02  RTE world  North Korea fires ballistic missiles  (World) #rteworld
01:01  Guar world  IFS: Millions in Britain ‘face stealth tax raid’ under Liz Truss’s plans  (world) #guarworld
01:01  Guar world  Nurses across UK to vote in first ever RCN strike ballot over pay  (world) #guarworld
01:01  Guar world  Suella Braverman speaks out against likely UK trade deal with India  (world) #guarworld
01:01  Guar world  UK drivers for Bolt ride-hailing app pursue worker benefits claim  (world) #guarworld
01:01  Guar world  Hunt is on for mystery $50m lottery winner in Victoria who hasn’t claimed their prize  (world) #guarworld
01:01  Guar intl  World Bank ‘has given nearly $15bn to fossil fuel projects since Paris deal’  (intl) #guarintl
01:00  BBC NI  Irish dance organisation begins results fixing investigation  (N.I.) #bbcni
01:00  ABC NSW  Pilates is growing in popularity, but is it a good option for most exercising Aussies?  (NSW) #abcnsw
01:00  RNZ NZ  NZ Police data sharing agreement with European police questioned over controversy  (N.Z.) #rnznz
00:57  ABC Vic  High-speed e-scooters are legal to buy but illegal to use and police are after their riders  (Vic) #abcvic
00:56  SciD  Survival is a mixed matter for deadliest of pancreatic cancers   #sciencedaily
00:56  ABC Qld  NSW and Queensland need to 'lift game' as audit shows inaccuracies in water trade, inspector says  (Qld) #abcqld
00:55  ToI  Chemistry Nobel for trio who make molecules click   #timesofindia
00:53  ABC NT  NT government investigates leaked draft documents to ABC  (NT) #abcnt
00:53  ABC WA  Nurses ramp up fight for better pay and conditions  (WA) #abcwa
00:52  Guar world  Biden administration angered by Opec+ oil output cut  (world) #guarworld
00:52  ABC  Leading Liberal moderate says party's vice-president should quit over celebration of 'lefties' losing seats  (Australia) #abcmisc
00:51  Fr24  North Korea fires another ballistic missile after UN Security Council meeting   #fr24
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