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02:07  NRK nyh  Disney-komponist Richard Sherman er død  (nyheter) #nrknyh
02:00  SVTP  Guds slavar - 1. Paradiset på jorden   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  I arkitektens fotspår - 1. New York   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Gudstjänst - Idag 02:00   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Bäst när det gäller - 3. Miraklet i Chorzow   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Hall of fame - 5. Magic - "Big business i Borås"   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Fotbollens historia - 7. Straffmiss och bragdguld   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Alwadae Lillpite   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Olaf och trappan   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Meteoriten   (SVT Play) #svtplay
02:00  SVTP  Revolver-Harry - enligt Leif GW Persson   (SVT Play) #svtplay
01:54  RNZ world  Earthquake strikes Vanuatu  (world) #rnzw
01:52  ABC NSW  Has Australia got milk for 83 million Indonesian school kids?  (NSW) #abcnsw
01:49  SR  Burkina Fasos militärstyre förlängs i fem år   #sr
01:48  RTE world  Richard Sherman, songwriter of Disney hits, dies at 95  (World) #rteworld
01:47  AB  Brand på hotell – gäster utrymda   #ab.
01:40  ABC NT  Electro-pop duo Electric Fields reflect on Eurovision 2024 after missing out on final  (NT) #abcnt
01:36  DR  Russisk guvernør: 29 missiler med kurs mod russiske Belgorod skudt ned   #dr.
01:34  NRK nyh  Biden fast bestemt på å ikke sende soldater til Ukraina  (nyheter) #nrknyh
01:34  RTE world  Mexico extradites security chief for sons of 'El Chapo'  (World) #rteworld
01:31  ABC  Vested interest groups putting themselves before Australia is a time-honoured tragedy  (Australia) #abcmisc
01:30  SR  Klimatsatellit uppskickad av Nasa – ska mäta värme vid polerna   #sr
01:28  BBC  New Muslim film festival 'to showcase our stories'   #bbc
01:25  SCMP world  Hamas says it captured Israeli soldiers in Gaza, Israel says no such incident  (world) #scmpworld
01:25  RNZ world  Russian attacks on DIY store, city centre in Ukraine's Kharkiv kill six, injure dozens  (world) #rnzw
01:21  UNT  Just nu: Varning för älg på vägen på väg 55  (lokalt) #untlok
01:18  BBC  Bronze Age replica boats ready to launch   #bbc
01:17  ABC NSW  Eleanor graduates with first-class honours as she pursues dream career in palaeontology  (NSW) #abcnsw
01:14  AB  Spitfire-plan störtade – en dog   #ab.
01:12  NRK nyh  Jordskjelv ved Stillehavet  (nyheter) #nrknyh
01:09  ABC Vic  Two teenagers have been left with serious injuries after they were stabbed during a fight in Melbourne's north-west  (Vic) #abcvic
01:08  BBC tech  'I was misidentified as shoplifter by facial recognition tech'  (technology) #bbctech
01:02  CBC  Richard M. Sherman, Oscar-winning songwriter behind Disney hits spanning decades, dead at 95  (entertainment) #cbcent
01:01  NRK nyh  Demonstrerte mot masseturisme på Mallorca  (nyheter) #nrknyh
01:00  ToI  TMC worker killed in WB on eve of polls, violence hits Midnapore   #timesofindia
01:00  Guar world  Australia news live: Perth reels after apparent murder-suicide; Labor reportedly drafting new hate speech laws;  (world) #guarworld
01:00  RTE ulst  Family of man shot in Tyrone accuse Govt of hypocrisy  (Ulster) #rteulst
00:59  SCMP world  Rishi Sunak pledges national service for all 18-year-olds in UK election gamble  (world) #scmpworld
00:57  DN  Få överraskningar på Drömmen Festival   #dn.
00:57  ToI  Rahul Gandhi mocks dip in 'dignity of speeches'   #timesofindia
00:50  Guar intl  We love: fashion fixes for the week ahead – in pictures  (intl) #guarintl
00:50  Guar intl  Get ready for summer: 12 new-season wardrobe essentials – in pictures  (intl) #guarintl
00:49  ABC Vic  This ship is spying on what dwells beneath the ocean surface. This is what it's finding  (Vic) #abcvic
00:48  RNZ NZ  Corrections accused of 'unnecessary delay' over murderer Andre Gilling's release from prison  (N.Z.) #rnznz
00:47  AB  Avslöjar USA:s varning till Putin: ”Slå ut alla mål”   #ab.
00:46  ToI  PM attacks opposition with 'mujra' dig, Cong calls for 'decorum'   #timesofindia
00:41  DN  En lycklig resa genom tid och rum med Lil Yachty   #dn.
00:41  ABC NT  Almost two years after it began, why is the Kumanjayi Walker inquest still going?  (NT) #abcnt
00:36  DR  Politiet efter Aalborg Karneval: Anmeldelser om tre mulige voldtægter   #dr.
00:35  DR  Hamas hævder at have taget israelske soldater til fange: Israelsk militær afviser   #dr.
00:34  BBC  Watch Sportscene highlights of Celtic's Scottish Cup final win over Rangers   #bbc
00:34  ToI   BJP will be given a final farewell on June 4, says Akhilesh Yadav   #timesofindia
00:34  Guar world  Sunak promises to bring back national service for 18-year-olds  (world) #guarworld
00:26  RNZ NZ  Emergency Mobile Alert to be tested  (N.Z.) #rnznz
00:21  NRK nyh  Kosovos folketall kan ha krympet kraftig  (nyheter) #nrknyh
00:18  ABC Tas  How a renewable energy project in the NT is causing angst in a small Tasmanian town  (Tas) #abctas
00:17  ABC SA  'You could save someone's life': Search for stem cell donor for cancer patient  (SA) #abcsa
00:17  ABC NSW  'I want him to get to know beautiful Veronique': Bridget's path to forgiving drunk driver who killed her daughter  (NSW) #abcnsw
00:16  ABC ACT  Canberra volunteers say it's a rewarding experience but their numbers are gradually declining  (ACT) #abcact
00:15  SVD  Cementa har nyckeln till tusentals nya bostäder   #svd
00:15  SVD  ”Templet är en fin plats att fundera på”   #svd
00:15  RNZ world  Rapper Nicki Minaj cancels show in UK after being held at Amsterdam airport  (world) #rnzw
00:14  RT  Multiple dead in Ukrainian strikes on Russian border region – governor   #russiatoday
00:12  ToI  After June 4, Congress to blame Kharge for loss: Amit Shah   #timesofindia
00:08  BBC  The Papers: Eamonn and Ruth split and Sunak's national service pledge   #bbc
00:00  ToI  Polluted air can raise Type 2 diabetes risk, say studies   #timesofindia
00:00  SCMP China  Harvard scientist behind Justin Bieber’s NAD therapy resigns, leaving China’s booming anti-ageing industry in hot water  (China) #scmpmainland
00:00  ABC  'Why do novels have chapters?': A simple question with a 2,000-year-old answer  (Australia) #abcmisc
igår 23:57  DW  'Anora' wins Sean Baker Cannes Film Festival's top prize   #dw
igår 23:55  ToI  Go to mental hospital for wife's discharge, Bombay HC rebukes man   #timesofindia
igår 23:50  BBC  Raye thrills fans at Radio 1's Big Weekend   #bbc
igår 23:45  NRK nyh  Hamas hevder å ha tatt israelske soldater til fange på Gazastripen  (nyheter) #nrknyh
igår 23:44  ToI  Loudspeakers taken down at religious places in Madhya Pradesh   #timesofindia
igår 23:42  DR  Nicki Minaj løsladt igen efter anholdelse i Amsterdam   #dr.
igår 23:40  ToI  Anasuya first Indian to win Best Actress at Cannes   #timesofindia
igår 23:39  Guar world  Teenager, 17, arrested over fatal stabbing of 16-year-old boy in London  (world) #guarworld
igår 23:38  ABC WA  Sheep farmers 'plan for the worst, hope for the best' when facing hard decisions with likely end to live exports  (WA) #abcwa
igår 23:35  ToI  Robbery bid goes wrong, boy dies after shop catches fire   #timesofindia
igår 23:33  ABC Qld  Elizabeth 'Liz' Henry was four months pregnant when she was murdered in 1998. Can a $500k reward uncover her killer?  (Qld) #abcqld
igår 23:31  NRK nyh  Basehoppulykke i Rogaland – en person heist ut  (nyheter) #nrknyh
igår 23:31  RNZ NZ  Waka Kotahi refuses to release briefing on scheme used to build motorways  (N.Z.) #rnznz
igår 23:29  ToI  Journey of Pune boy who realised Altman’s vision   #timesofindia
igår 23:28  ABC  Nicki Minaj detained at Amsterdam airport for having marijuana in her bags, forcing her to cancel Manchester concert  (Australia) #abcmisc
igår 23:25  RT  European state asks Russia to extradite opposition leader   #russiatoday
igår 23:23  ToI  Flyers face tighter scrutiny at Dubai, Abu Dhabi airports   #timesofindia
igår 23:22  ABC SA  One Snowtown offender is out, could another get parole next year?  (SA) #abcsa
igår 23:22  RNZ NZ  Rocket Lab puts first of two NASA polar satellites into space  (N.Z.) #rnznz
igår 23:18  ToI  Senior doctor held for mowing down woman at Mumbai hospital   #timesofindia
igår 23:12  BBC  Far right eyes Europe vote surge and ditches German AfD   #bbc
igår 23:11  RNZ world  Pilot dies after crashing WW2-era Spitfire in UK  (world) #rnzw
igår 23:09  ToI  Porsche teen's grandpa held for threat to driver   #timesofindia
igår 23:07  ABC  American couple working as missionaries killed in Haiti amid gang violence  (Australia) #abcmisc
igår 23:06  BBC  Clive Myrie: ‘Mass shootings undermined my love for the US’   #bbc
igår 23:06  BBC  Nicki Minaj gig cancelled following Amsterdam arrest   #bbc
igår 23:02  ToI  9 children among 27 dead in Rajkot gaming zone blaze   #timesofindia
igår 23:00  BBC  Conservatives plan to bring back mandatory national service   #bbc
igår 23:00  ToI  'Bar bribery' audio triggers political storm in Kerala, police to probe   #timesofindia
igår 22:57  BBC  Doctor-turned-actress finds NHS hope in Sheen play   #bbc
igår 22:56  BBC  Police boss would've been sacked if he hadn't quit   #bbc
igår 22:56  Bild utri  Schweigeminute am Ballermann - Hunderte weinen um die Opfer vom Club-Einsturz   #bildutrikes
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